Learning Management Systems

We are an official Moodle Partner in the UK and Poland offering our services in Peru and worldwide. As a Moodle Partner and Totara LMS Partner, we have experience in developing LMS for all sizes of organisation. We've developed
our own LMS for schools – Learnanywhere.


As an official Moodle Partner, we've implemented Moodle LMS in hundreds of organizations around the world. We provide the full range of Moodle services, from design to installation and training. As Moodle is open-source, costs are kept low - there are no licensing fees to pay. The money saved here can be reinvested in training and content to further extend the use of your LMS.


As a Platinum Totara LMS Partner, we also offer all variety of services including the integration with other CRM, HR and e-commerce systems. Totara is a custom LMS, built on the Moodle platform, and designed specifically for businesses. It provides several additional features which are suited to business learners, such as management hierarchies, staff development plans and self-service access to learning.


Learnanywhere is an LMS specifically for schools. The interface is designed to be easy and simple to use. It includes a reward system and it is hosted in the cloud, allowing students and teachers access from home or school. Learnanywhere makes the process of creating courses, activities and quizzes easy for teachers, saving valuable time, and helps to engage parents in their children's learning.


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